We analyze and ask, think and advise. We conceptualize and plan, structure and organize, design and create – and most of the times we do all at the same time

Design Process

Our services include the integral design process which is divided into different phases iteratively complementing each other.

Analysis and Evaluation

We analyze our clients’ problem and describe it from our point of view. We use our design experience to analyze and evaluate your product based particularly on the user’s perspective (the so called “Ergonomics of human-system interaction”, EN ISO 9241-210). We do not only tell you if, why and where your interfaces could be improved, we also show you practical ways for the actual realization. Requirements analysis, Benchmarking, Heuristic Usability Evaluation, Status Quo Analysis, Market- and Trend Analysis, User Evaluation


Valuable design is based on a clear conception of technical aspects and function as well as on esthetic aspects and brand individuality. This is w we identify each product’s requirements and the values a product is supposed to fulfill. Thus conception, in respect to content, functional and esthetic aspects, and organizational and technical aspects, are the basis for our work. Information architecture, lifecycle- and release planning, marketing strategies and customer relationship management (CMR), user concepts, user experience, visualization, and studiesDesign[/column] [column_last]We are specialized in design interactive systems. Valuable designs consider their contexts and react to the functional esthetic, emotional and ergonomic requirements against the background of currently available technologies. ma ma is synonymous of a clearly pronouns functional design language. Digital Identity & Corporate Design; Grafical User Interfaces (GUI); Iconsystems; Interactionsdesign/ HCI; Interfacedesign/ HMI/ MMI; communications- & Informationdesign/ screenoptimized typefaces/ Iconsystems; Screendesign; Tangible User Interfaces…

Documentation and Guidelines

Detailed descriptions of design and interaction provide seamless communication between different developing partners. Furthermore documentations – in the form of interactive guidelines – are fundamental for a long product life. Agreeing to central and characteristic parameters enable a consistent, evolutionary development of key design qualities which reach far beyond merely technical life cycles. Design realted terms of reference/ Styleguides; Digital Corporate Identity & Media Behaviour Guide: HMI Specifications; Online-Brandbook…

Technical Realization and Prototyping

As a design studio we usually do not program the system we have designed. The technical know how that the variety of different projects we do requires is simply t diverse. Nevertheless ma ma is specialized in programming interactive demonstrators and simulations. The implementation process is also supervised by ma ma and ma ma helps with selecting those who provide best services for our clients. Demonstrators/ protype development; design simulation/ funkction simulation/ interaction simulation; realization supervision

Consulting and Strategic Design Management

All of the design process requires consulting and close cooperation with our clients. Long years of experience allow us to consult and accompany our clients in respect to all different aspects that have to be considered in the process of developing and designing interactive systems and digital media. We support our clients in deciding not only in line with the market but in line with their buyers/users and to optimize and to establish design related business processes. We help to identify risks, to develop strategies, to define processes, to organize communication and help to integrate different interests of different stakeholders. Design Audits; Design Management; Ergonomic- & Usabilityconsulting; Designbriefings; External Creative Direction; Brand Image & Marketing/ Methods- & Process Definition; Strategic Planning & Brainstormingg; Trendscouting; Workshops/ Coaching/ …