We help companies envision futures, work with people in mind and design meaningful products and services.

about us

We converge design futures, user research, strategies and experiences in our design practice.

We cooperate with you to create novel digital products, services and systems.

We work hand-in-hand with people, across topics and disciplines, to shape significant futures.




Strategy is the foundation of our design. It’s what makes meaningful and successful products.

User experience and human-centred design underpin our approach to using design to help you stay relevant and ahead of the competition in an ever-changing world.

  • Design futures and discursive design

  • Ideation and design thinking workshops

  • Products, services and systems innovation

  • Product planning and roadmap consultancy

  • Decision-making facilitation

  • Experience demonstrators and prototypes


design research

Understanding what motivates people – how they behave and feel in their everyday lives – is central to good design research.

We’re curious about people’s habits, expectations and feelings. We learn and understand with a beginner’s mind to capture their needs. Experiencing, learning and understanding are our basic building blocks to devise strategic objectives, to advise methodical approaches and to aid in the decision-making process.

  • Generative research and user studies

  • Interviews and contextual inquiries

  • Desk research

  • User scenarios and personas

  • Product evaluations


digital product design

We design state-of-the-art digital products, services and systems.

We transform your analogue products into digital appliances. By enhancing these products with new technologies, features and services, you can create digital ecosystems and seize new business opportunities.

  • Software / Hardware products

  • Cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things

  • User experience and usability

  • Service Design

  • Interaction Design

  • User interface design


design management

We believe that design is essential to developing compelling products.

Yet its mindset and methods also guide your digital transformation and the creation of entire new businesses.
To unfold the full potential of design, its objectives and methods need to become part of your enterprise’s DNA and development culture, engaging all C-Level management as well. We care about fostering the integration of design and digital transformation into your business.

  • User experience frameworks and design culture

  • Employee design workshops and design trainings

  • Design leadership supervision

  • Collaborative design

case studies

Merck KGaA

envisioning future medical applications​

For Merck KGaA, we worked on the future of medical applications. The ‚Health Futures Gallery‘ is a strategic discursive design project to anticipate future medical products and services by looking at today’s societal, medical and technological trends.

Technological, medical and societal trend research informed the ideation of novel scenarios and products.
With the aid of design, we make futures tangible. We thought critically about the implications of future health care systems and empowered Merck to gain insights on novel value chains and the economic significance of medical innovations. Simply put, the project focused on experiencing futures to support decision-making today.
The portable Telehealth Kit is a modular medical case able to share its sensor readings with remote medical advisors.
The supplement and medicine printer utilises inkjet-like printing technologies to provide personalised food supplements and future precision medicine at home.


designing the future process industry

The digital future of the process industry will be human-centred. We started working for SAMSON several years ago facilitating interaction and interface design projects.

Our successful collaboration convinced SAMSON that human-centred design not only provides compelling product experiences, but guides their overall product strategy and development as well.

For its new programmable logic controller, ma ma supported SAMSON in developing a revised, superior user interface.

ma ma devised a demonstrator-app for explosion-proof tablets and smartphones to identify and evaluate the unique opportunities and risks that come with connected technologies in the process industry sector.
Co-creating with various stakeholders, we devised strategies and set measures for a company-wide user experience framework spanning different divisions.
Together, we utilised design to focus on products for people and to create meaningful innovations.
Design also augmented their product planning, targeting the best product user experience, reducing development times and saving money in the process.
Conclusions were recorded as comprehensive visualisations.

Vorwerk & Co. KG

anticipating the future of convenience cooking

Vorwerk is one of the foremost known household brands in Germany, famous for its vacuum cleaners and even more so for its cooking mixer: Thermomix. Vorwerk asked us to rethink the future of convenience cooking to converge its previous analogue cooking mixer into a smart, networked digital experience.
Insights from user experience, form giving, interaction and user interface design converged into functional prototypes to experience futures.

Experience design, form giving, the use of new materials, user interface design informed future Thermomix versions, leading to a coherent transformation of Vorwerk’s analogue business model into a digital one.

This called for a joint design project combining our expertise with that of the design companies Stylepark, Stefan Diez Design, Sign Kommunikation and Büro Nicola Stattmann.

Understanding the mixer’s current perception, its strengths and future challenges.

The digitalisation of the Thermomix informed novel services, ecosystems and business models..

Market research and user acceptance tests: Do regular customers accept the transformation into a digital cooking device?

Audifon GmbH & Co. KG

hearing alright – a collaborative experience​

For audifon, we designed a friendly and humanly interface for their hearing aid fitting software, proposing a light and cheerful approach, and changed the way the hearing aid fitting process was experienced by patients and acousticians.

The design of the software was awarded with a Red Dot Design Award and recognised as a German Design Award nominee.
By recognising the significance of the perceived quality of the fitting procedure for patients and acousticians, we transformed the fitting process from an intimidating encounter – where the acoustician is solely in control – into a collaborative and perceptive experience.
The design of the software was awarded with a Red Dot Design Award and recognised as a German Design Award nominee.


Alpine Electronics GmbH, audifon GmbH & Co. KG, Blaupunkt GmbH, Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informations­technik, DaimlerChrysler AG, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, e15 Design und Distributions GmbH, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, FlexEnable Limited, Leptien 3, Linotype GmbH, Maserati S.p.A., Merck KGaA, Merten GmbH & Co. KG, OTRS AG, peiker acustic GmbH, SAMSON AG, Smiths Heimann GmbH, Star Alliance Services GmbH, Stylepark AG, Vitra Design Museum, Volkswagen AG, Vorwerk & Co. KG, XONOX Technology GmbH, ZDF​

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